Super Bowl 50 LogoRight after the solid victory of the Denver Broncos a few questions arise as the dust settles and the fans await for another season to start.

Should Peyton Manning retire after this?

His arm is not the same and physically he is no longer what he was before. You must take this victory to retire on top manning; his legend only grew. It seems to be the right decision. And he won his second Super Bowl ring and there is no need to risk another year with the type of injuries suffered in his career. And the trend tells me the following year might not be better than this culminating season.

Let’s be honest, after winning the Super Bowl 50 and get that elusive second championship ring after the turbulent season, so continue to play would be foolish. Manning is an intelligent man and will retire. Of course, unless you want to have the record for most wins in regular season. Another poor season will only affect his legacy. It is a historic opportunity to say goodbye at the top.

How long can you keep the Denver defense playing at this level?

While the defensive line is maintained, and Harris and Talib, may even improve defense and impose another era. With the Draft and Free Agency figures will just add a bigger roster. It will be a great job to be conducted by John Elway and Denver coach staff. There will be some casualties on the issue of free agency and will not be easy to retain all. Of those who could be free agents are Von Miller, Malik Jackson, Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall, all starters and to retain them will be an achievement. Expect at least 2 years of good standard.

What is interesting is that they have a young group, so unless veterans DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and perhaps will continue together for a few years. For now they have to make Von Miller a millionaire and offer the best benefits to Wade Phillips to not think about taking any job as Head Coach in the following years. It all depends on how long they play together. This team needs to review potential free agents and members of staff might go away.

Will the Broncos win the next Super Bowl?

They can, but it’s unlikely. Osweiler will have to improve a lot if Manning retires, and the competition will be very strong; they will have very good teams. It’s a good challenge. But if they keep the defensive level and improve the offensive would see them as serious candidates for the Super Bowl LI.

The competition in their division and overall in the AFC will be close again and is difficult for them all to come back as good as this year. We might have witnessed the perfect storm, not only for a great defensive likely to be dismantled, but that “the stars” lined up to win the Super Bowl, especially with the fate of the fumbles and turnovers.


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