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My Sports Office

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In this review I am going to take a look at My Sports Office who is another relative new comer to the offshore Pay Per Head scene opening its doors in late 2008. At first glance seems like a viable pay per head option. Their user friendly web site is informative, easy to navigate and overall very cool. They even have an animated talking spokesperson who nicely lays out the highlights of their service, quite impressive!

As you all know, I’ve been in this business a long time and worked both sides of the counter before I retired. These guys have a slick website with a lot of “pretty pictures” of beautiful girls but remember, you’re not here to drink beer and party, this is your livelihood. When I started digging into the nuts and bolts I found that all is not well with My Sports Office.

First and foremost of all is that is running not one but two post up sportsbooks out of the same offices. That’s right, your players are being handled right along with individual bettors who deposit directly to a post-up account. Why is this a problem? Well to begin with their post up brands, and are offering ridiculous bonuses to new players in the amount of 100% or more (Having worked in post-up sportsbooks I can tell you that this is bad business and is extremely stupid or extremely deceptive, either way it’s a red flag). It doesn’t take a genius to see how dangerous this is to a local bookies business. Why would your players continue betting with you when MSO could offer to bonus them dollar for dollar if they switched to being a post-up account?

I’ve seen these kind of leaching tactics before and it gives the industry a black eye. Bookies have lost their business to these scams when they trust a pay per head company enough to put their players in with them and then lose them to the post-up division because of big bonuses.

Let me conclude this Mysportsoffice review by saying that even if they weren’t double dealing post-up and pay per head businesses, they did not impress me when I contacted them to get some information. One representative was over bearing and stand-offish and couldn’t answer any questions about their DGS software. After getting transferred around, I did speak to a guy who knew about DGS but couldn’t answer any customer service or pricing questions. When he transferred me back to the first person I was told she was out to lunch. “Out To Lunch” pretty much sums up, take a pass. Click here to go to (If you want to take the risk, of course).


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