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On August 19, 2019, in Uncategorized, by Bobby Goodspeed


It’s all come down to one more 72 hole PGA golf tournament known as the TOUR Championship to determine who will walk away with a cool $15,000,000 for winning the FedEx Cup Championship for 2019.

The East Lake Golf Club located just outside of Atlanta was established way back in 1904 and was the home course to famous hall of fame golfer Bobby Jones, whose memorabilia is much in evidence around the club house.  The Tour Championship has been played at East Lake since 2004.

Only 30 of the world’s top professional golfers have qualified for the final big event.  Notable names such as last year’s TOUR Championship winner Tiger Woods as well as Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Phil Michelson did not make the cut after participating in the BMW Championship last week at Medinah, Illinois.  They all had a chance to make it to the top 30, but it just was not to be for these past and future champions.

Currently the odds on favorite to win the FedEx Cup Championship and that big pot of money is young Justin Thomas who bulled and finessed his way to an impressive victory at the BMW Championship winning by three strokes over the rest of the field and taking home a nice fat check for $1,665,000!

On top of that, Justin Thomas, as the leader in FedEx Cup points going into the final round of play, will start off at ten strokes under par at East Lake, such a deal.  No wonder he is the favorite.  Thomas is at +200 to win it all.

After a brilliant showing at the BMW, Patrick Cantlay +450 is the number two golfer in the FedEx standings and will begin at -8 strokes.  Brooks Koepka, who was in the lead before the BMW, will still start at -7 and be listed at +600 for wagering.

Patrick Reed +1100 and Rory McIlroy +1200 both played some splendid golf at the BMW but just could not keep up with Justin Thomas.  Reed will begin at East Lake at -6 and McIlroy at -5.

The unexpected name appearing for the first time in a FedEx Cup top ten ranking is young Abraham Ancer +4000 representing Mexico at East Lake.  He and Spaniard Jon Rahm +1500, Matt Kuchar +4000, Xander Schauffele +2200 and Webb Simpson +2500 will all be starting the final rounds of the FedEx Cup competition for 2019 at four under par.

Possible long shots with a legitimate chance to win the FedEx Cup are Rickie Fowler +6000 and Dustin Johnson at +3000.  Both have shown themselves more than capable of making an unstoppable run to leave the field behind for the win at a big tourney.

This is stacking up to be a great golf tournament.  Starting with a 10 stroke lead may seem insurmountable, but, remember, last year Bryson DeChambeau was in the same spot as Justin Thomas is this year starting at -10.  He only managed to end up T19, so, you just never know.



On August 15, 2019, in Sporting News, by Bobby Goodspeed


Short track racing is where NASCAR was born and bred.  They were dirt tracks back in those days and no one ever even dreamed that one day stock car racing would be run on mile and a half concrete tracks in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming race fans. It was just some local petrol heads fooling around.

Actually the hopped up cars were originally the product of what was known in the day as ‘moonshining’, running whiskey made in a homemade still from some remote location, usually in the mountains, down to a local distributor, or perhaps even to a particular bar or local restaurant.  Legends, and even movies, arose from that era of the American automobile.

These highly specialized delivery cars were often modified to double the original horsepower and held an exceptionally large hidden compartment in the rear for the booze, often delivered in thick gallon sized glass bottles.

Of course when these ‘good ole boys’ weren’t making a delivery run, they took to racing each other around the local roads.  But the local law enforcement officials soon took exception to all the high speed shenanigans and put an end to the road racing.  What to do?

Oval dirt race tracks, ranging from a quarter to a half mile in length, started popping up around the country, mostly in the southeast centering around Kentucky and Tennessee. Fans sat on top of their cars and brought picnic baskets and ice chests to the races.  Then someone built a grandstand; not much more than high school football bleachers at first, but my, how they grew.

Today the Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the most famous NASCAR short track venues, and also happens to be the third largest sports venue in America and the seventh largest on the planet!  The little half mile track now holds 162,000 fanatical race fans and has even been used as a football field on occasion.

NASCAR will run a night race at the Bristol Motor Speedway starting at 7:30 pm on Saturday evening the 17th of August just outside of Bristol, Tennessee when 40 monstrously powerful, specially built automobiles will take to the track and engage is some of the fastest, most action packed, stock car racing to be seen anywhere.

The track at Bristol is steeply banked and has an outside retaining wall resulting in some high speed racing and a considerable amount of ‘paint swapping’ as vehicles scrap and claw past on another so closely that, by the end of the race, no car is left with its original paint job.  This is called fun, at 185 miles an hour!

Of course sometimes the drivers get a little too close resulting in some kind of accident bringing out the caution flag and slowing the race until the mess can be cleared away and high speed racing can once again commence. The accidents can be spectacular. They are often frightening and sometimes fatal for a driver.

High speed race car driving is not without its risks.  Everyone knows that; especially the drivers themselves. In the past few years great strides have been made to improve driver safety and we have seen drivers walk away from horrific wrecks that would have had far worse results just ten years ago.

On September 1st NASCAR moves to Darlington, South Carolina for the other famous short track on the Monster Energy Cup Series at the Darlington Raceway, aka ‘The Lady in Black’ or ‘The Track Too Tough To Tame’ in yet another night race starting at 6 pm EST. Obviously from the nicknames, this is not an easy race track on which to compete.

From its humble beginnings on the back roads of Kentucky and Tennessee, the American Stock Car, aka NASCAR, is in its 71st season and is challenging even the NFL and MLB for being the most popular sport in America.

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On August 13, 2019, in Sporting News, by Bobby Goodspeed


Gimme a break!  If they were actually juiced, someone would have figured it out by now.  MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred probably had it close to right with the simple explanation that the manufactures of the baseballs down in Costa Rica at the Rawling’s factory had come up with a better way to center the hard rubber core of the baseball.

That central core is then wrapped tightly in yarn and covered with the familiar sewn on leather cover that we all know and love to make up a baseball.  The covers are hand stitched in a process which has not changed for decades, only the core seems different these days.

High School science tells us that the better balanced an object is, the better it will fly; the further it will fly and the straighter it will fly. How would you juice a baseball anyway?

However, it is clear that something is different, and it could very well have something to do with a new generation of baseball players that are now exceeding their beloved baseball ancestors, which is not exactly a new phenomenon in sports.

But, that can’t be the whole answer. MLB is now on pace to break the old record for home runs of 1.26 per team, per game set back in 2017.  Back then as well people were yelling foul because so many balls were leaving the park that they thought the baseballs were juiced, and they were right.  Sort of.

A Baseball Prospectus writer named Rob Arthur found evidence that the baseballs in use then were of a different composition than those of the previous year, making homeruns more likely to occur.  MLB was later to confirm the validity of Arthur’s claim a week into the season.  So this is nothing new.

For 2018 the home run rate dropped to 1.15 indicating a possible backlash effect for some reason.  Over all the home run rate has increased steadily since 2014 when it was just 0.86 per team, per game.  It went up to 1.01 in 2015 then to 1.16 in 2016 before jumping up to 1.26 for 2017.  That record will certainly fall before this MLB season is all over and done with.

At the same time, MLB is also on pace to set a new strikeout record which has stood since 2008.  How then are these two tied in?   One contributing factor is the tighter strike zone brought on in part by the umpires’ reluctance to be out done by the electronic strike zone now in popular use.

The other is that pitchers these days are throwing the ball harder and faster than ever before.  The faster a ball is going when it crosses the plate, the faster it will leave the bat if the correct angle of contact is made by the batter.

So now we are seeing three homer games by one or another team almost every day. Some even claim it’s due to global warming. Whatever.  Fans and players alike love home runs, that’s a fact easily proven every time somebody hits one. Just listen. Who cares how what’s happening today compares to what it was years ago.  If more homeruns bring out more fans to the ball parks, so be it.

After all the fervor and speculation are over, no one really knows how it will turn out exactly with the future makeup of the baseball. Let’s do hope that they will continue to be handmade.  One thing we know, the sport of baseball will evolve and the fans will evolve and baseball will remain ‘The Great American Pastime’.

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On August 12, 2019, in Sporting News, by Bobby Goodspeed


Round two of the 2019 FedEx Cup Championship will take place this weekend at the Medinah Country Club just outside of Chicago when the BMW Championship tees off featuring the 70 surviving golfers from the Northern Trust Tournament, just won by Patrick Reed last week.

2,000 FedEx Cup points are at stake in the four day event which is the second leg of this year’s FedEx Cup Championship.  That’s four times the points rewarded for winning a regular season PGA Tour event. Only the top 70 golfers in PGA points will be playing at the Medinah Country Club this week according to the new format.

In previous years, the FedEx Cup Championship was spread over 4 events with the first hosting 125 hopeful golfers.  Event number two started with 100 out of which the top 70 were able to move on to event number three.  The final, and most brutal, cut was down to the 30 players with the top number of FedEx Cup points after the first three events.

This year there will be only three events. Last weeks’ Northern Trust was the first in the FedEx Cup series for 2019 with the BMW Championship to follow and finally culminating in the Tour Championship at the East Lake Club near Atlanta, Georgia, where the rules get quite a bit more complicated.

The new rules for the 2019 Tour Championship definitely favor the top five of the 30 golfers entered in the event for some unexplained reason.  The number one golfer going into the Tour Championship will start at -10 strokes, ten under par.  Number two will start at 8 under par, number 3 at -6, number four at -4 and the player with the fifth highest number of FedEx Cup points will begin the tournament two under par.

The other 25 golfers in the event will have to be content starting at even par, like they always have before.  Several of the participants, like Harold Varner III and Abraham Ancer, will be more than happy just to be included in the final 30.

Varner moved from 102nd  in PGA points to  29th in the standings after tying for third place with Jon Rahm at the Liberty National, giving him an excellent chance to participate in the final event and compete for the hefty $15 million prize which goes to the final winner of the 2019 FedEx Cup.

Mexican golfer Abraham Ancer was another who made huge strides toward a FedEx Cup title by coming in second at the Northern Trust and moving up from 67th to 8th in the standings, not to mention picking up a check for a cool $999,000 in the process.

Patrick Reed, who won at the Liberty National event, was practically out of the FedEx Cup competition at number 50.  Reed is now the number 2 ranked golfer in FedEx points.

Even after a disappointing performance at The Northern Trust, young powerhouse Brooks Koepka is still on top of the FedEx points standings.  He will surely be among the top favorites for the upcoming BMW Championship in Chicago this weekend.

Last years’ Tour Championship winner was Tiger Woods, but Tiger will have a tough time even making it to the Tour Championship this year as he is currently 38th in FedEx Cup points. For the BMW Championship he will have to conjure up that Tiger who showed up at Augusta earlier this year and won the Masters; but I wouldn’t bet against that happening if I were you.

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On August 10, 2019, in Sporting News, by Bobby Goodspeed


Hollywood Park was once one of the most famous racetracks in America dating back to 1938.  Many a classic movie about life in southern California includes references to the popular thoroughbred track and some even feature actual footage from actual races at Hollywood Park. Everyone from Clark Gabe to Betty Grable was there in the boxes, dressed to the nines, holding up parimutuel tickets and peaking through binoculars.

Today the site of the old racetrack is under construction on a grand scale as teams of workers and tons of equipment endeavor to build the premier venue for sporting and entertainment events in southern California, or perhaps in the whole world.

Expectations are that high. The folks behind the new facility, which will house both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers football teams of the NFL, are setting the bar high for their new ultra sleek stadium.  The estimated costs of building the new venue will exceed five billion dollars!

The giant glass roofed future home to major gala events in Inglewood, California is about 75% complete and will take most of another year to complete.  The entire project will cover 298 acres and be known as the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District (LASED), probably the first sports venue ever to be designated a ‘district’.

The new mega sports entertainment complex, which will hold up to 70,000 fans for sporting events and a 6,000 seat entertainment venue, is the vision of Rams owner Stan Kroenke who also owns the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche and the Arsenal football club of the English Premier League, among various others.

American Airlines is chipping in 90 million bucks to purchase naming rights to the 2.5 acre entrance to the stadium which will be called the American Airlines Plaza.  The Plaza itself will stand ten stories tall. As yet no naming sponsor has come forward to name the main stadium itself.  One can only imagine what the price tag for that one will be.

Even without an official name, the almost complete facility has already drawn the attention of the NFL and the NCAA as well as the international Olympic committee.  Super Bowl LVI will take place there in 2022 and the NCAA College Playoff Championship in 2023.

In 2028 both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics will be held there on the site of the old Hollywood Park Track which is scheduled to open in July of 2020.

Actually American Airlines and the L.A. Rams have an ongoing relationship since 2016 which has resulted in some fine contributions to community service in the L.A. area including building playgrounds etc.

As part of a comprehensive plan to upgrade the entire experience of the fans, American Airlines will also be investing $1.6 billion to renovate their facilities and terminals at the nearby Los Angeles International Airport which is just 3 miles from the new stadium which is located just south of The Forum, the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers and the L.A. Kings of the NHL.

Artists renderings of what the place will look like convey a very open airy atmosphere inside the building with lots of natural light while offering complete whether protection for the fans and athletes alike.

Chargers and Rams fans can’t wait!

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