Road To NFL Preseason Week 3 Part 2

On August 25, 2015, in Sporting News, by admin

NFLWe are continuing the expectations for week 3 of a preseason riddled with injuries, changes in formation and the testing of possible combinations for the franchises, these will be the most important games so far going into the campaign, since most of the teams will use their starters in the first series of the third quarter so this week is a more realistic approach into how the projected structures of the teams will handle. Here are some interesting expectations for the preseason and the start of the regular season, plus some players to keep an eye out for:

Starting quarterbacks

There are some teams that do not have yet a very clear picture of who will be their quarterback, and the perfect scenario in preparation for the start of the regular season will be this third game with the more developed team formations. The teams still on the fence about their offensive lead include, the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and even Texans (although Hoyer has been appointed), these teams will be very attentive to position the best man for the job, 3 years ago Russell Wilson having such a strong performance in the third preseason game was selected to lead the Seahawks and we already know the rest of that story.

The unstoppable Saints / Falcons

Both the Saints offense and the Falcons have been unstoppable this season. New Orleans seems to be returning to the level of Drew Brees best years with the team, and Atlanta’s Matt Ryan has a near perfect rating this preseason. “He’s really feeling it, in terms of his familiarity of the offense, where he has the ownership of it,” coach Dan Quinn said. Will they keep the pace in the third game?

The Cowboys’ defense

How will the Dallas defense adjust to the loss of Orlando Scandrick? Last year the Cowboys defense was a pleasant surprise, but in this campaign between suspended players, injuries and many new elements to integrate into the formation is still a mystery whether we will see a defense good enough to give the offense a chance to get the burden off and allow more than 25 points per game for the team.


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