NCAA Coaches You Love To HateWhen it comes to NCAA basketball, there are some coaches that you absolutely love. Then, of course, there are those other, vicious, oh-so-wrong coaches that you only love to hate. As a tribute to them, we’ve compiled a top ten list of the most controversial coaches in NCAA history.

1)      Frank Martin: Martin is the Kansas State coach who, admittedly, most fans would have to agree, has been the best thing to happen to the team in awhile. However, his crazily protruding eyes, wild temper, and crazy side-shouting making him deplorable in our books.

2)      Mike Brey: Dan Akroyd’s twin, Brey, hasn’t actually done anything to make us hate him yet, but with that hair and that self-satisfied grimace, we know he’ll soon top our list. Call it intuition if you will.

3)      Tommy Amaker: With less than honorable practices, including a lowering of the elusive Harvard’s grade standards for athletes, already on his record, this fairly new coach is already paving a clear path to infamy.

4)      Tim Floyd: Bribery is so ten years ago, but not if you ask Floyd, who reportedly bribed young O.J. Mayo. After that, he made matters worse by throwing a huge hissy fit. Classy, Floyd, real classy.

5)      Rick Barnes: We’re not saying he’s not smart, but Barnes was the coach of less than intellectually gifted Jordan Hamilton. Also, he’s not one for showing any emotion, which makes the game so much less fun for us.

6)      Jim Calhoun: Taking cues from Floyd, Calhoun is all about improper recruitment, but maybe we’ll grow to love him during, or at least after, his three games of suspension are up.

7)      Roy Williams: All Williams does for UNC is be annoying and whine a lot. Might we suggest a refresher course in pre-school for the big baby?

8)      Rick Pitino: His coaching isn’t so bad, but his affairs? Grossness galore.

9)      Mike Kryzyzewski:  Yeah, yeah, so the man is good at winning. A little too good if you ask us. You have to hate someone who is this utterly and completely perfect. Geez, man, lose every once in a while, and stop yelling while you’re at it.

10)   Bobby Knight : Last, but certainly not least, we give you the one, the only Mr. Bobby Knight whose screaming rants against lazy players and sloppy refs is the stuff of legend. Although many parents and faculty thought that Coach Knight was a positive role model for the kids others disagreed and he was eventually forced to retire.


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