NBAEarvin ‘Magic’ Johnson is no longer included in the directory of the Lakers. The NBA legend is no longer part of the organization chart of the franchise. Magic has resigned today from his position as honorary vice president of the club. The Lakers have announced in a statement. As its name suggests, it was an honorary position and, therefore, with no real content. A position earned by Magic as he was a legend of the franchise.

The origin of the resignation appears to be in social networks. Known is the urge to Johnson for sharing his views and opinions on the media, especially Twitter. Reviews have not always been benevolent with the Lakers. Not even close. In fact, criticism of the franchise has been greater as the team has had some bad times. That is, in recent years.

The bottom line is that Magic wants more free rein to express his opinions. Without having to acknowledge any kind of conflict with the fact of having a position in the Lakers. Johnson, 56, was elected in the No. 1 draft pick in 1979. Since then he played 13 seasons in the NBA, all with the Lakers. Seasons in which he came to 9 Finals and won five rings.

In addition, he was 3 times league MVP, Finals another 3 of the Finals  and  4 times leader of the passers. He played 12 All-Star games and integrated 9 times the best team of the season. The Lakers jersey with his number is retired. And Magic is in its own right within the Hall of Fame.

The Detroit Pistons has extended the contract of general manager Jeff Bower, for one more season. Thus the union between the two sides is extended until 30 June 2018. Bower joined the club in 2014 with Stan Van Gundy, which became his right hand.

Bower, 55, was hired in 2014, shortly after Van Gundy came to Detroit as a sports leader in the offices (president) and the court (coach). The extension of the contract is an award for a job well done. The tandem Van Gundy-Bower has led the Pistons in the playoffs after a long absence from the club in the postseason. Under Bower stay, the club has made with 3 pieces that has given balance and depth to the squad: Reggie Jackson, Marcus Morris and Tobias Harris.


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