Copa America 2016Argentina is already in the final after an excellent choral performance and a very selective and solemn display of number 10. It has not been a difficult path if one considers that its rivals were Chile, Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela and the United States. The progression of Messi, however, has been so marked that the Argentinian recovered one of its best versions in their games in Boston and Houston.

Nothing was heard of the host and his Klinsmann formation. The revolutionary works of the coach end in the semi-finals in Germany 2006 and 2016 in the United States, killed by weight selections and historical doublet as Italy and Argentina. Americans capitulated without discussion against the Messi team, who is presented as fresh as a lettuce in the decisive stage of the tournament, very well managed by Martino. The star is fast and fine in passing and shooting.

United States, moreover, came to the match with decreased agility and shabbier than Argentina. Although always happened to be a well-organized and implemented tactically, absences for sanction of decisive players like Wood, Jones and Bedoya weighed more initially against a strong team that low Di Maria and Gaitan in the formation of Tata Martino. Rosario coach opted for Lavezzi, a striker who creates complicities.

Messi -Lavezzi duo ran around getting the ball in play, off a corner, unmarked and position candid shot, caught the ball for Lavezzi, whose header was impossible for Guzan. The goal capped off the meteoric Argentina. The south team has too many strikers and instead often missing midfield players that give play and control the game.

The number 10 departed almost as always from a centered, very aware of Banega position while Rojo protruding from the left flank, a deployment that destabilized the United States. Again effective, Argentine underwent the Americans on the scoreboard and on the court. Messi felt watched by America and Argentina had very good game in Houston.

The team pressed, recovered, elaborated and gave no chances to lucky Romero, particularly attentive to Dempsey, who was disconnected from the game, ignored by his fans, present only when he nudged the always suffering Mascherano. The field factor did not play well for the US.

Argentine rapid opening game continued after a while of long possessions and control of the game, free of depth and occasions, one for Higuaín until after the half hour Messi appeared again. Placed in the top left corner from a direct free Guzan launched from outside the area with special expertise, by the speed and strength of the ball impossible for the US goalkeeper.

The ball was opened to the far post as a camber angle to reach 0-2.. Klinsmann gaped and did not react until the referee whistled the end of the first half and went to demand an explanation for a loss of time from Lavezzi.

The change of players and system, regrouped in a 4-4-2, changed the face of the American team again exceeded at the start of the second with a goal from Higuain after a very good center from Lavezzi. Higuain, Lavezzi and Messi were the protagonists in the quarterfinals and the semifinals of the Cup. Still no news meanwhile from Dempsey.

And just when the match had been settled, they began to give the Argentine players, rickety for the effort, unlucky in inconsequential plays: Augusto broke into a shot to the post in an offside position; Rojo came out with an injured ankle to reenter a little later; and Lavezzi staged a wrenching fall after his body doubled over the fence while trying to catch the ball with his chest in the US court to the bewilderment of the audience of Houston.

The meeting, however, continued to turn in favor of Argentina and Messi. The team did not give a single option to America They not once threw to Romero. Although the script invited to settle, Argentina never disowned the game, and again after an error of the host team, put the final 0-4 in the board.

Messi wants the trophy that was denied by Germany in the World Cup and by Chile in Brazil the last Copa America. Assumes the pressure in the US and 23 years after the last title won, Argentina will be champion of America to Chile or Colombia. On Sunday the final match awaits in New York.


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