Let’s Talk About NFL Quarterbacks Part 2

On November 19, 2015, in Sporting News, by admin

NFLSecond part (check part 1) of the list for the mention worthy squad helmsman, the one considered by many, the biggest position in the team and with good reason we take a look into those leaders that paved the way for their team’s victory.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Rarely is bad news to alternate between QB’s for the opposing team, this was the case for the Browns; having an even, perhaps winnable game against Landry Jones, after he injured the same ankle and the Big Ben had to go in, having his way with the lousy Cleveland secondary. The QB’s ankle looked in great shape for the perfect conclusion of week 10 for the Steelers, the Bengals lost to the Texans, so the Steelers can think seriously about taking out the division down the line.

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns

Speaking of Cleveland, Manziel had a very interesting game against the Steelers, had a fumble, an interception, only scored once but the scoreboard does not tell the full story of everything that happened, Manziel had a good performance, he showed he can also stay in the pocket, and pass from there if necessary, he also had a spectacular getaway that reminded us of those games against Alabama. Manziel just been named starter for the rest of the season and the Browns finally will able to assess if he ‘is’ their franchise QB or throw in the towel for a Paxton Lynch in the next draft.

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

With a seven losing games streak everyone would think that the Cowboys are virtually eliminated, fortunately for the cause of his numerous fans, Tony returns next Sunday. Remember when everyone was asking for Peyton Manning to be MVP when he lost a year due to injury? Someone should start the same campaign for Tony Romo.

Philadelphia Eagles QB

Bradford got injured once again and now is Mark Sanchez turn, in that division he does not have to work wonders to have winning games.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Tom against the Giants was mental, similar to the effect that the Ravens had imposed on Tom and made him look bad, Tom did not play his best game last Sunday, if losing Dion Lewis wasn’t painful enough for New England, they have now Edelman at least eight weeks out, New England was at times out of ideas, the best that could happen to them was the halftime, near the end of the game Tom also failed to force a pass to LaFell that got intercepted, and subsequently was so close to throw another interception against Landon Collins, fortunately for him another chance came along and managed to put the team in field goal range, injuries have the New England team him very hard on the offensive this year, we will see how they overcome the absence of Edelman.


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