Let’s Talk About NFL Quarterbacks Part 1

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NFLWeek 11 will give us lots more to talk about in the NFL, and so far the 2015 season has had many ups and downs when it comes to the most important position in the league. We take a look back to these past 10 weeks of games and the QBs that made a hell of a difference or others that clearly had too much on their plate.

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

The Legend did it again, another record fell at the feet of Peyton Manning, this time the most passing yards in history, surpassing the record set until 2010 by Brett Favre of 71.838. Manning left the mark at 71.871 and there’s not much say for now, the player’s immediate future is a mystery, because he has a foot injury that will keep him out at least in the game against Chicago. Brock Osweiler showed some interesting things against the Kansas squad albeit not the best , but he still may be the best option for Denver if he can hold on to the ball. Peyton’s future looks uncertain, it would be a shame for his career to end this way after all he has done in the league.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

After his father was diagnosed with cancer earlier this week, Kirk Cousins ​​- Brett Favre style – was inspired and had the best performance of his career: 20 completions out of 25 for 324 yards, 4 TD and a perfect rating of 158.3, yes, they faced the Saints, but Kirk has done better in recent weeks, last week had an interception against the New England squad, and was clear to everyone how his receivers did not help at all. The Redskins have a 4-5 mark and are one game away from the Giants, they have a big test against the Panthers on Sunday, the Redskins have a chance to take the game if their running is effective and Kirk Cousins ​​has no interceptions, sounds difficult but not impossible, the Redskins, thanks to their terrible division, are in full flight for a playoff position

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

The fountain of youth is in Arizona, Carson Palmer is currently playing like an MVP, as did Kurt Warner in the desert, Carson is playing as he did before that disastrous injury in 2005 against the Steelers. Carson is giving the best football of his career and gave a blow of authority against the Seahawks on Sunday when he threw for 363 yards, three TD and one INT, but the important thing is that Arizona is one game away over Seattle and made clear that at least one game will to go through the desert in Playoffs if he can stay healthy.

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