Pay Per Head Guided DemoOne feature that is often undervalued is the guided tour pay per head services offer.  Having an experienced, knowledgeable agent on the phone to walk you through the demo is far and away the best route to truly understanding the company’s software and how to manipulate it to your best advantage.

A first rate company will offer to show you their pay per head demo which can be accessed via the Internet with the agent on the phone to guide the bookmaker through the site.  In this way you will learn just exactly what the site and the service has to offer.  Having the agent on the phone for the demo allows the bookie to ask important questions as they come up.

You will be shown the players page where they log on to place wagers or check status. The software should be user friendly and easy to understand.  If it seems complicated to you… what about your players? If the person on the other end of the line cannot answer your questions satisfactorily, how will they be able to assist your players?

Next will follow the agents reporting page where the bookmaker is able to access all of his reporting and book keeping at anytime of the day or night via the Internet.  Will these reports answer your particular needs?  Again, with the price per head agent on the line, you can ask the hard questions and find out the facts you will need to know.

When the service agent shows a bookie the pay per head demo, features such as the bookies ability to move money lines, totals and spreads as he sees fit, can be demonstrated in full.  He can even show you how to hide lines or entire games if you so desire.  The agent will also be available to walk the bookie through any changes in his player profiling that might be required.

Remember that the service that you are considering contracting will be representing you to your players and should therefore represent the highest quality standards available on the market today if you expect to stay in competition.  The pay per head guided demo and the pay per head free trial period should go a long way towards answering the concerns that you have about which company will serve your best interests.


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