Bookies Ability To Move LinesIt’s easy to recognize sharp betting lines when you see them. All you have to pay attention to is how members of the gambling public react towards them. If experienced sports bettors are taking opposite sides on a line, then it’s a good one. Remember, your job as a bookie isn’t to take chances; but to leave that up to your players! A bookies job is simply run a solid bookmaking operation and focus on paying, collecting and recruiting. Local bookies, however, frequently run into the problem of having all of their players go with the same teams most every single week. This is often a sign of less-than-stellar betting lines management, as there should be speculation around the games and thus variations in terms of what players are betting on.

If you’re experiencing this common issue with your betting lines, know that the right pay per head service can help! The most qualified pph services will provide you with competent betting lines management. These quality services will also you the ability to move the lines as needed and allow you to control everything about your package. With the right cost per head service you’ll always be in the driver’s seat.

With this type of control and power over your betting lines, however, comes responsibility. Use caution and care when posting alternative lines. Remember that today’s players are very informed and know their stuff; even those who might not have that much experience can easily obtain useful information from the internet or other modern resources. Even when the majority of your players consistently place their hopes on one side, you just can’t afford to move that line on a whim and put yourself in a bad position.

If there’s a particular “star team” in your neck of the woods, moving against that team isn’t likely to be your best bet for balanced action, and opening your line too high can keep players from betting at all. Some tips that should help you with your betting lines management are to add half points or hooks to the line for a guaranteed result, to move the juice instead of moving off the number in order to force players into risking more, and knowing and acting upon the ten most meaningful football betting lines (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13, 14, and 17 for the newbies). Of course, none of these tips are going to do you any good if you’re working with a service that doesn’t give you control over your lines, so making sure you’ve got that on your side is really your first and most important step.


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