Redundancy For Pay Per Head ServicesThere are a lot of pay per head services out there these days, and almost all of them claim to have redundancy. Far too often, redundancy is nothing more than a word thrown around by an offshore sportsbook. These services know that the average person doesn’t really understand what redundancy is and all that it entails and they take advantage of this fact. Don’t be one of those uninformed customers! Understand that redundancy refers to a site’s ability to maintain its uptime and to service customers by phone or by internet. Sites that truly have redundancy will not have any downtime. This is especially important on high-traffic, big betting days. If your players couldn’t place their bets on NFL Sunday, for example, they’d likely be pretty mad, and you would run the risk of losing a few clients s well as your credibility!

Obviously, when searching for a pay per head service, you need to be sure and find one that offers true redundancy. Always look for a service that has been in business for quite some time; tried and true services tend to know more (and do more!) about redundancy than newer ones. Make sure that the service has several backup systems in place so that you and your clients can always log in. For best results, you’ll also want to choose one that allows clients to log in using mobile devices, the general internet, and by calling the service. Strong redundancy measures to look for include data load monitoring, software upgrade testing, and second level disaster prevention protocols, among others.

The only way to determine the kind of price per head service you’re dealing with and what its redundancy will be like is to ask questions! If there is something you want to know about the potential service, then ask away. Remember, at the end of the day, you will be the one spending your money and risking the livelihood of your business on the service that you choose. You deserve to get answers to any and all of your questions, and any good service will understand this and will put you at ease with its answers.


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