Bookie Horseracing SoftwareIn the pay per head industry, the horseracing systems variety is huge! More and more people are getting into this exciting sport, and bookies really can’t afford not to offer their clients the chance to bet on various races. If you’re just getting started with horse systems, you are likely looking at a lot of different types of racing software. It might seem like all the software you come across is the same, but don’t be fooled! Some software is much better than others. If you’re going to be successful in this business, then you can’t afford to pick software that isn’t top notch and completely up to date. To maximize your profits, make sure you go with a pay per head company that uses DGS horse racing software. Nothing else will do!

This racing software has every feature you could possibly need to be successful with horse systems and to effectively manage your players. It allows players to place daily bets on horse races offered at over 100 tracks! This includes tracks based all over the world, so your players never have to miss a single race that they’re interested in! Better yet, they aren’t even required to download the software, meaning they don’t miss a minute of their favorite races fussing with downloads and the whole process is a lot more convenient for them in general. Convenience means that your players will bet even more often than usual! Bets can even be placed over the phone, online, or from any mobile device, meaning there’s never an excuse for your players not to make a wager!

Just as your players want to have convenient access to everything they need in the horseracing system, you deserve to have easy access to everything that your players are doing! Fortunately, this software allows for just that, putting you in complete control of your business. You can control all betting options to suit your needs. This includes being able to decide which players can bet on which tracks, determining what types of wagers may be placed by each player, capping payout odds  on all wager types, and only allowing horse betting for certain races. All of this control makes it incredibly easy to see which players are doing what and thus to get rid of those who are costing you money and to keep those who are making you money!


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