Free Agency Shakes NFLIn this latest NFL season, there were a lot of free agents on the scene, players for whom it was completely up in the air as to whom they would sign with. Now that everything is all settled and done, oddsmakers are drawing their own conclusions about who the true winners are and who ultimately came out a loser. Only time will tell whether their beliefs turn out to be right or wrong, but let’s face it—oddsmakers are usually pretty reliable when it comes to these matters.

One NFL team that seems to have gotten an excellent deal is the Broncos. This team was lucky enough to snag adored quarterback Peyton Manning. Then, you’ve got Buffalo, who scored linebacker Mario Williams, and Tampa Bay who signed all-star receiver Vincent Jackson. Another recently signed receiver is Brandon Marshall, who went to the fortunate Chicago Bears who also took running back Michael Bush. These lucky teams, however, are an elite few; other NFL teams didn’t make out nearly as well.

One NFL free agent “loser” is definitely New Orleans. This team made the dumb decision to franchise Drew Brees, a true star and then went on to lose their coach for a year because of the bounty scandal. A combination of bad luck and poor decision making is to blame for these blunders! Cleveland didn’t fare too well either, not after losing Peyton Hillis, who went to the rebuilding Chiefs. Then—oh then—there’s poor little Miami who essentially missed the boat on every single deal that they tried to cut in the last season.

Now, all the teams are focusing their attention on the upcoming NFL draft. This means that all of the big oddsmakers will now be trying to sort out which team will be a favorite in the upcoming 2012-2013 season. As is always the case in the exciting and always changing world of football, only time will tell! However, pay close attention to what the Vegas odds makers are saying, because futures bets for the upcoming season will be up before you know it.


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