Pay Per Head BookmakersEvery PPH service comes equipped with bookie software, and that software comes with its own advantages. Good software will provide bookies with up to the minute information on every move that their players make. These bookie services allow bookmakers to be constantly aware of what’s going on and, thus, to keep a tight control on their businesses. It’s not enough, though, just to demand bookie services that let you know what’s happening. Your service should clue you in to what’s going on in a way that is as clear and easy to understand as possible. All reports should be in real time, viewable twenty-four hours a day, and customizable to your viewing preferences.

One of the best bookie services available with high quality bookie software is live bet tickers. These tickers steadily move down a line, letting you know any time a client places a bet. You can set your own earnings goals on these tickers, and you’ll know exactly when you reach them! This is a great way to stay on top of your financial information and to monitor your progress on a regular basis. Seeing whether or not you’re improving regularly and, if not, taking steps to change that, is what will keep you going strong in this industry.

Another of the great bookie services you can find are specialty alerts. These alerts will let you know, either through an email or even a text message, about important information relating to your business. You can sign up for different kinds of alerts according to your preferences. Some people, for example, like to know only when a “big bet,” meaning a bet above a certain pre-determined amount, is placed. Others only want to know when certain players place bets and some want to be alerted each and every time a bet is placed by anyone. What kind of alerts you receive and how you receive them is up to you.

Finally, one of the simpler but most important bookie services you’ll want to make sure you have available to you is action by player reports. You should be able to run this report anytime you see fit, and it should tell you everything you need to know about what each of your players is up to. You should be able to instantly access information on wager types used, post times for bets, and even more detailed information. This tool will prove the most helpful when weeding out your client list, something you should do on a regular basis to minimize losses.


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