Being Master Agent BookieIf you are getting to the point with your local bookie business where you have too many players to keep up with these days, if so, then maybe it’s time to move on to plan B and get your business back under control again.

First of all, you need to find yourself a reputable price per head service located somewhere off shore where wagering on sports in legal and licensed.  Costa Rica is probably the most likely spot to find the best price per head services because of their friendly government stance toward gaming and the availability of highly trained, well educated, English speaking clerks to handle your day to day bookmaking business.

A PPH Service will provide you and your players with a full range of Sportsbook, Racebook and Casino wagering options, this nonstop action is available around the clock. Wagering and customer service personnel will also be at your service 24/7.

The Price Per Head Company will take the wagers for your clients and talk them through any minor issues that they might encounter but, they actually work for you, the professional bookmaker.  Your customer support team will watch your back and will always alert you to any unusual action from any one of your gamblers.

Modern bookmaking software allows the PPH Service to provide you with real time reporting on every aspect of your player’s action day and night….and, if you have a SmartPhone, from just about any location.

But, if you start to get so many guys that even with the bookie service it is getting a little difficult to for you keep up with, consider having them make you the master agent and use a few of your good old buddies that you trust to act as sub agents.

Getting set up with a price per head service can be done in a matter of hours.  You can set up the with real time reporting software so that each sub agent can only see the action of the players under his jurisdiction but so that you, the master agent, can see everything in your package at anytime.  This gives you even more control than ever over your business and you personally will not have to be meeting face to face with so many people…. which means less exposure for you.

Bookies have remarked that, after setting their business up with a good PPH Service and using a system of sub agents, their life has never been easier.  Give it a shot!


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