This year MLB 2012 payroll and predictions uncovers a little known fact about the millions of dollars baseball teams spend every year and how it impacts their chances of becoming champions.

According to the latest round of futures odds that have recently come out of Las Vegas; the top 5 teams with the best odds of winning it all also happen to have the highest payrolls in the league. What is astonishing is that when you look at the World Series champs over the past 10 years high payrolls do not equate into championship teams.

This year’s big spenders include many of the usual suspects. The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Angels and Tigers all have a payroll in excess of $150 million. They are also the odds on favorites to win the 2012 World Series with the Phillies topping the list. Of course these teams all boast blockbuster super stars both in pitching rotations and batting lineups but a quick look at history shows that that is not enough.


When making MLB 2012 predictions remember seven out of the last 10 champions have come from middle of the pack payroll teams. Some, who are big spenders now like the Phillies, won when they were still an underdog team. Remember victories from teams like the Chicago White Sox, the Marlins and even all the way back to the Diamondbacks. Mid-level salaried teams have been upsetting baseball playoffs for decades and we expect that trend to continue this year.


If you’re a player, then looking at MLB 2012 payrolls and predictions present an excellent opportunity for you to cash in big time at the end of the MLB season. Odds for middle of the pack teams to win are at the highest level they will be all year. With the historical trend on your side you can go in and put a few bucks down on a long shot. For bookies, if you have bettors who want to hammer away on big futures bets with the likes of the Red Sox, Yankees and Phillies you’ll probably find yourself laughing all the way to the bank come October.


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