What’s In A Name?

On November 1, 2013, in Sporting News, by admin

Redskins HelmetYou can’t be the Redskins anymore?  OK, now we are going a bit overboard. Change the name of a major National Football League team that has been known as the ‘RedSkins’ since 1932?  That’s right; they want to change an American tradition just because some folks feel offended by the name Redskins… after all these years.

I wonder if any of these frantic opponents of that name actually do have red skin and if so, why are they not proud of it instead of raising petty hassles which will only serve to further cloud the real issues at hand.

The owner of the Washington NFL football team, Dan Snyder, has said repeatedly that he will not consider changing the name of the Washington Redskins for any reason. Even after Snyder was called in for a session with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, he stuck to his guns and refused to change the name. If he said no to Sir Roger, don’t look for Snyder to change his mind for anyone else ever.

Why is the name Redskins offensive in the first place?  Makes you wonder.  If the current movement is successful, which I doubt, will that then mean that we will have to go about changing all of the other names of teams around the country just because some group finds the name offensive?

Even President Obama has gotten into the act suggesting the he would “think about changing the Redskins team name because it offends a sizable group of people.”  More people than there are Redskin fans, I wonder?

What about the Chicago Blackhawks?  Best of luck going out to Chicago and discussing changing the Blackhawk’s name with the local fans! Or Atlanta, the Braves, that will have to go to. The Cleveland Indians… out the window. The Kansas City Chiefs would also have to seek a new mascot.

The Audubon Society will then step up to demand that the Ravens, the Eagles, the Cardinals, the Seahawks and the Falcons all seek new nicknames as well.

Of course the American Humane Society will then have to call for changes from the Lions, the Bears, the Panthers, the Jaguars and even the Colts.

Next we will have the RCA (Rodeo Cowboys Association) seeking a name change for the football team in Dallas followed by I don’t even want to think about it!

On the bright side, no one from the Buccaneer’s union has stepped forward to protest so far and we have yet to hear from a single Saint!


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