Jayson TatumJayson Tatum has repeatedly proven this season he is one of the best forwards around, but lately he’s gotten extremely hot and led Duke with a streak of hot performances. Tatum is heating up at the right time too as Duke’s opening match in the NCAA tournament approaches.

The Missouri nativeled Duke in scoring throughout the ACC Championship as he scored 20, 25, 24 and 19 points respectively in the games against Clemson, Louisville, North Carolina and Notre Dame. These scoring outputs not only helped propel Duke to the ACC championship, but they also improved Tatum’s NBA’s draft value.

Tatum was expected to be a top-10 pick in the upcoming draft weeks ago, however, his recent performances have now made him a top-five pick and some even rank him as high as being taken fourth overall, ahead of North Carolina State’s Dennis Smith.

Tatum, considered by some as arguably as the best player of this draft, averaged 16.9 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game with the Blue Devils this season, but it’s been his recent clutch performances that have triggered all the hype of late for this player.

During the ACC Tournament,he elevated his game as he averaged 22 points, 7.5 assists and 2.2 per game proving that he elevates his game when it counts and under pressure.

Tatum’s game could actually be defined as a more prominent Rudy Gay style. Tatumis a player that has great court vision that uses his mid-range shot ability, strength driving to the basket anddribbling ability to score from any spot on the floor.

His physique helps him under the rim where he excels at grabbing a lot of rebounds and gives him the potential to be a great defender. His three-point effectiveness is one of his weaknesses, although his 36 per cent effectiveness makes him dangerous enough to not let him wide open as he’s capable enough to sinking a couple of them per game.

If he manages to improve his 3-point shooting and reaches his defensive potential Tatum could become a Kawhi Leonard type of player,


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