MNF: 49ers over Vikings

On September 15, 2015, in Sporting News, by admin

San francisco 49ersIn the Monday night football second game of the season, the 49ers made their debut in their field to face the highly publicized Vikings, whom many already marketed as a playoff team with high expectations. While the Vikings were frugal, unmotivated and less aggressive, the 49ers came  energized by their new black jerseys and did a great job to get their first win. The defense was amazing and the offense had its flashes of proper level.

The Niners offense is not complete:

If the team keeps engaging Carlos Hyde as the main weapon, the Niners will score points. This Chryst offense is very versatile, plus it has a much better rhythm than the old Roman offensive creativity. The offensive line also surprised, especially considering that three starters from last year are no longer with the team.

Carlos Hyde is an incredible talent:

This runner has everything any GM is looking for in a star. Power, skill, precision in his runs, patience to wait for the locks and speed. Hyde will certainly be the center of the offensive, and most of the footballs will go through his hands, as it should be. He is the most talented player of the offensive, and the Niners will be in serious trouble if he gets injured.

Hayne, welcome to the NFL:

This former rugby player, a star in the Australian league, who had an amazing show in the preseason, had the opportunity to field the first punt for the Vikings, which was badly measured and fumbled, Minnesota for the recovery. Already at normal speed of play, Hayne will definitely take some time to feel more comfortable. He has talent, but still needs experience.

Bridgewater looks very hesitant at the start of the season:

This second-year quarterback took an incredible pace at the end of last season, and it seems that in this early season he’s energy has dissipated. He looks diffident, hesitant and slow. he will surely recover his pace, but for now, the “sophomore slump” started strong.

Peterson has to pick up the pace

After a year of being sidelined, it is obvious that Peterson did not have a desirable pace of play. “All day” remains one of the best backs in the league, and perhaps in history, but this lack of activity no doubt affected him. That said, it is also obvious that as the season progresses his quality will continue to grow.


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