Johnny Manziel A&MAfter his presentation in the NFL varied considerably from what was expected, it seems that Johnny Manziel 2015 season will start on the bench of the Cleveland Browns, thanks to newly hired Josh McCown, coach Mike Pettine  was very positive on the impact of McCown.

“The presence that Josh had in the Quarterbacks room was great, and not only there, but it is expanding  through all the offense and has now been interacting with the coaching staff and relating to the rest of the guys in the dressing rooms. I feel that we have a veteran Josh that has proven he can be a starter in this league.”

Manziel was one of two Browns first-round draft picks in the 2014 Draft, and after a four year contract for $12m. In this 2015 season, the ‘2’ jersey will receive about $3m with over 80% guaranteed, even if  he’s cut or stays in the team.


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