Here We Have the Bills 22-17 Win vs Jets

On January 4, 2016, in Sporting News, by admin

New York JetsThe Jets needed the win (or the loss from Steelers) to secure their ticket to the Playoffs. However Rex Ryan and the Bills had other plans in mind. Here we have the Bills 22-17 win vs Jets.

After the game there wasn’t a happier person in Buffalo than Rex Ryan. Not only was he 2-0 this season against his former team, but this defeat cost them a spot in the playoffs. Rex Ryan had many flaws and failures this season, but this victory was his “playoff game”. And the truth is that this game was one of the best in terms of coaching for Rex. Bills had only 4 errors and his input on how to defend the field was the key in this game. If you want to find a reason to be optimistic with the Bills this game is the answer.

The Jets lived and died by Ryan Fitzpatrick and it is not at all a bad thing. Fitzpatrick was the main driver of this offense and if the Jets were close to qualify was thanks to him. But against the Bills  we saw Fitzpatrick’s bad side. He threw three interceptions, forced passes where he should not have and in the end was unable to make a comeback. Let’s be clear the offensive did not helped either in the first half missing FGs and key drops. In 2016 The question is: Who should be the Jets QB?

The late season games in Buffalo are usually quite complicated when it comes to weather and this time we had gusts of wind which made it almost impossible to throw consistently. The Bills had 43 carries and threw only 28 passes, plus they had the ball for nearly 40 minutes. The problem is that the Jets were forced to throw more by going down on the scoreboard so early, and in the end that was their downfall.

Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall are certainly one of the best pairs of WRs in the NFL. Against the Bills both had a TD reception (ninth game this season) and in general these two receivers are very dominant. True, they are already veterans, but there is no reason to expect a decline in performance in 2016. Whoever the Jets QB might be he has two sure weapons in Decker and Marshall.

The Jets season was not a failure, it was a revelation. Earlier this year the Jets expectations were nil (even more when we heard about Geno Smith). Todd Bowles made a pretty good job in his first season at the helm, not only avoiding a reconstruction, but putting the Jets as a 10 win team. The Jets are on the rise and in 2016 they will be seen as a playoff contender.


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