eli manning new york giantsThe New York Giants (1-7) are a disaster and it looks like their freefall has no end right now as they have found no answers to stop losing.

Most concerning for the Giants, their fans, and the front office in New York is the quarterback situation as they are all wondering the same thing: how to approach Eli Manning and his future with the team.

Since he’s a Super Bowl-winning franchise quarterback, getting rid or benching him will not be an easy decision for the Giants, but perhaps this season they should start studying possible trades for Eli or consider sending him to the bench to give some of the other quarterbacks in the team a chance.

Eli’s brother, Payton didn’t finish his career in one place and accepted a trade to win another Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. Could Eli follow his older brother’s example?

For now, it seems that Eli’s intention is to finish his career with New York, as he has given no indication that he wants to jump the ship and join another franchise. That being said, it’s undeniable that the Giants are at that stage where they must start looking at other quarterback options and that’s why they drafted former Cal quarterback Davis Webb last year.

If they don’t start winning soon and finish the season with three or four wins they will not shy away from drafting a college quarterback like Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, or Josh Allen.

Even if they do draft someone in next year’s draft they could always keep Eli Manning on board so that the young quarterback doesn’t have to start right away, and he’s also mentored by the future Hall of Famer.

There are two problems with doing that: one is that once you bring that kid into the building clock starts ticking against Eli, and two is whether Eli will be inclined to mentor and help his possible replacement or if he would at that point prefer to leave New York.

As for this season, the Giants are probably a handful of losses away from benching Eli even though he already admitted publicly that he wants to play.

Even though the Giants may regret the day they do bench Eli they must take advantage of this dismal season to at least take a look at what they have in third-round pick Davis Webb and if he can develop into an NFL caliber quarterback.

They must do it because if Webb’s not ready to be the future of the Giants they will have to use their next year, top-five draft pick on one of the aforementioned quarterbacks regardless of Eli’s wishes.


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