Warriors Defeat NuggetsAfter watching Golden State defeat San Antonio 116-106 back in April, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was asked for his reaction to Stephan Curry’s amazing shooting that evening including 7 three-pointers. “It’s actually fun to watch,” said the coach. “Everybody hates losing, but I enjoyed watching a talented kid perform the way he did, and he does it with class.”

That’s pretty much the reaction all around the league when asked about Curry. Some say that he is currently the best shooter in NBA basketball, he is certainly one of the best.  Time after time Curry seems to just throw the ball up in the air and the next thing you know it swishes through the hoop without even touching the rim.

The Warriors of Golden State went on to defeat the Denver Nuggets in round one, game six, of the NBA playoffs.  They were the underdogs across the board but, they still found a way to win. Even after being down by 11 points in that sixth game, the Warriors fought back and took the victory out of the hands of the Nuggets for the first series playoff victory in the history of the Golden State franchise.

It is very rare indeed when a player is as good as Curry is and he still remains humble and helpful to both his team mates and opponents. Note that Stephen Curry won the NBA Sportsmanship Award last year.  He is one of the most widely respected players in the NBA.

So now, Curry and the Warriors get to take on Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. Las Vegas handicappers have made the Spurs 8.5 point favorites going into the game but… wait a minute.  Wasn’t that about what they said about Denver?

So far this year, the Warriors and the Spurs have played four times and stand at a 2-2 tie at this point. But that won’t last for long.

With Golden State center David Lee out for the series, Curry will have to step up as will Andrew Bout and Jarrett Jack if they are to stand a chance against the surging Spurs.

Expect to see three-point shots flying from all over the floor when these two teams meet in San Antonio to begin their best of seven series to determine the second round winners who will go on to the finals and probably face LeBron James and the Miami Heat who appear to be unstoppable in their quest for a second NBA Championship in two years.


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