Los Angeles ClippersHeartbreak follows the Clippers like a shadow and the perfect example was this past Thursday with their horrible 119-107 loss at home, letting the Rockets score 40 points on the last quarter, their pattern for the past two games has been having a considerable lead then dropping the ball completely.

Now 3-3 for the series, the LA team is going to Houston for their upcoming game this Sunday, not only for their spot on the Conference Finals but also the chance to lift their “curse”, undoubtedly they will have to learn from their own mistakes and fast because this chance is the last one they’ll have this season, no more chances for the team.

The perfect apology letter for the fans would be a more than solid win this Sunday against the Rockets, otherwise the same ‘ol Clippers will strike again, with hordes of fans exclaiming “the Clippers are just the Clippers”.

Let’s not forget the Rockets home advantage, and their attitude is a winning attitude contrasting the Clippers disappointing past couple games, we will definitely have a very interesting game between the two, making way for the coveted spot in the Western conference finals.

Lines for the game (as of May 15, 11:28 pm ET.)

The Clippers are favorite -1½ which means almost nothing, and 220 on total.

Pick for the game:

Rockets by at least 8 points, staying under the 220 total.


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