Andrew LuckOn January 19 of this year, the NFL made a legendary announcement that 65 underclassmen had been given special eligibility for the upcoming 2012 NFL draft. Not surprisingly, Stanford’s Andrew Luck was on this list, along with other star young players, such as Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson. Of course, a lot of people out there are curious about these up and coming football stars, and particularly about Andrew Luck, about whom not a lot is known. That’s mainly because this player prefers to stay out of the limelight when he’s not on the field. Luck, however, has actually enjoyed a rich football career, even at his young age.

Long before he was ever even a possibility for the 2012 NFL Draft, Andrew Luck was a Stratford High School quarterback in Houston, Texas. Even then, Luck was the number four quarterback in the nation, the number five overall recruit for the state of Texas, and the number forty-seven overall recruit in the entire nation. He was also a Super Prep All American and gained some notoriety for passing for 7,139 career yards and for scoring 53 touchdowns, as well as completing 488 of 824 passes. Though Luck’s success continued throughout his high school career, many people still blame his good fortune on a healthy dose of nepotism; Luck’s father is Oliver Luck, who was formerly a Houston Oiler and West Virginia quarterback.

Jumping ahead to the days Andrew Luck spent at Stanford, leading up to the 2012 NFL draft, he truly proved himself by becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the nation last year. Even before the season started, there was already talk of him becoming the player of the year after garnering several previous awards, including the Heisman.

Andrew Luck has proven himself over and over to be a professional caliber football player. Now that he is eligible for the 2012 NFL draft there will be plenty of interest in him. Fans and media pundits in Indianapolis have been talking about him all year and all indications point to the Colts drafting him #1 overall. Considering the horrific season they endured without Peyton Manning and no viable backup QB, it would a shock if Luck was not drafted #1. He is without a doubt, definitely one to watch, and no matter where he lands in the NFL he will most certainly continue to amaze football fans everywhere.



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