NFLIt’s June and the handicappers in Las Vegas have already posted the win totals for each of the 32 NFL teams for the upcoming 2013 season. Everyone knows that these totals are going to be fluctuating before the action actually kicks off, but some of us just can’t resist getting down a couple of bucks on our favorite teams based on these early over and under numbers.

For that small percentage of you who are not as yet initiated to the wonderful world of wagering, the numbers put out by the Vegas oddsmakers are the predicted number of wins for each team next season.  Bettors will be placing their wagers on whether that number will go ‘over or under’ the posted prediction. Each proposition carries a price to pay or collect based on a wager of $100 using plus (+) and minus (-) symbols.

The teams with minus number are the favorites.  Teams with a plus number are the underdogs. For example, if wagering on a team that is +115 (a dog), the winning bet would bring home $115 for every $100 wagered.  Conversely, placing a wager on a team with at minus number like -135, (a favorite) will cost the bettor $135 to win $100. Got that?

Here are the numbers for the AFC teams. Remember it’s for the entire regular season. Just try to figures out how many games your favorite team will win and lay your money down before the numbers change.

The New England Patriots – 11.5 wins – (O+115 / U-135)
The Miami Dolphins – 7.5 wins – (O-135 / U+115)
The Buffalo Bills – 6.5 wins – (O+115 / U-135)
The New York Jets – 6.5 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The Pittsburg Steelers – 9 wins – (O-120 / U Even)
The Baltimore Ravens – 8.5 wins – (O-140 / U+120)
The Cincinnati Bengals – 8.5 wins – (O+110 / U-135)
The Cleveland Browns – 6 wins – (O-130 / U+110)
The Houston Texans – 10 wins – (O-130 / U+110)
The Indianapolis Colts – 8.5 wins – (O Even / U-120)
The Tennessee Titans – 6.5 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The Jacksonville Jaguars – 5 wins – (O-130 / U+110)
The Denver Broncos – 11.5 wins – (O+110 / U-130)
The San Diego Chargers – 7.5 wins (O+115 / U-135)
The Kansas City Chiefs – 7 wins – (O-145 / U-125)
The Oakland Raiders – 5.5 wins – (O-120 / U-140)

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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