Double Deck BlackjackBlackjack is and probably will ever be one of the most popular and profitable casino games there are. It’s not only an exciting game, but it’s also one of the most lucrative games among players. However, not many players are aware of the hundreds of variations available, some of them being more beneficial for each kind of player. Two of the most popular and easy to learn variations of blackjack are single and double deck. Here are some of the main similarities and differences between the two of them and how players can make the most out of each one.

To begin with, it’s important to notice that single deck blackjack was the original way to play the game. As it name says, this variation is played with just 1 deck at a time. However, when casinos started noticing how easy it was for some people to count cards and affect the outcome of the game, they started adding more and more decks to the game in order to make it harder for cheaters and prevent them from counting cards. Another curious aspect of the addition of more decks is that by every deck added, the house edge (advantage of the casino over the player) increases a little bit.

However, in order to ensure fairness and keep players interested, casinos were forced to implement some rule variations to lower the edge they gained with the addition of extra decks. An example of these new rules is that the dealer must hit on soft 17. Another example is that players aren’t allowed to double down after a split and many other rules that gave birth to different blackjack variations that have become players’ favorites over the years.

There are some players that believe that playing on a double deck blackjack game gives players some advantage, although there aren’t facts that support this theory other than personal experiences.

A good way to test and learn different blackjack strategies is to go to an online casino. These websites provide all sorts of blackjack variations, including single and double deck games. Most of these establishments also offer the chance to play online with no cost attached, giving players a great chance to step up their game.


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