Pay Per Head SoftwareBefore the arrival of the 21st century, there was not that a local bookie could do to keep up with the glitzy offerings from the offshore sportsbooks that were bleeding off so many of their best players. It just was not possible for a local guy to provide the kind of 24/7 worldwide coverage that the big books could do until price per head services came about.

In the late 1990’s some enterprising businessmen down in Costa Rica came up with the idea of providing the local bookie with all of the services and extras that the offshore books were offering but not to get involved in any monetary transactions between the local guy and his players. That part was seen as being better off when left on the local level thus avoiding the need of sending funds offshore and then sitting around and waiting for a payout to arrive.

At first the service was very basic but the best of the companies doing PPH services began to learn and grow with their clients to the point that the local bookie can now offer any and all of the options offered by the offshore books while maintaining complete control over his business at all times.

The top quality price per head service companies are like a fine concierge service for bookmakers. Whatever they need to make their business operate smoothly and profitably is provided by the service while leaving the day to day decisions as to offerings and odds in the hands of the bookmaker himself.

These days most players are back to dealing with their well known and trusted local bookie. They are tired of sending money offshore and never having a known face to deal with.  And remember, players these days are smarter and more demanding than ever. They want a high quality dependable service and they want it now.

Bookmakers trying to save a few dollars by contracting with a second class price per head service will soon find that their projected savings will quickly turn into losses as their best clients start drifting away to someone who went with a first class PPH shop.

It’s really a no brainer.  If you are going to use a PPH company, use the very best available. Talk to more than one person at the company in consideration and find out whether they have the knowledge and the infrastructure to meet the needs of you and your clients. It’s an important decision. Take your time, do it right and watch how much easier your life will be.


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