Costa RicaGone are the days of the slap on the wrist from law enforcement for those bookmakers that are convicted of illegal bookmaking from within the United States. As the pressure from the US authorities continues to intensify the penalties for the crime of illegal bookmaking continues to escalate there is hope on the horizon for bookmakers. Although the penalties may differ from state to state the one thing that all of the states within the US have in common is that more and more local bookmakers are deciding to close up their local bookie shops and take their bookmaking businesses offshore!

Cost per head services are the answer for bookmakers who are still looking to remain in the game. These types of turnkey bookie services offer bookies a safe alternative to the states.  Most of these types of cost per head shops are located within online gaming friendly jurisdictions such as Costa Rica. Not only are x US bookies much safer than in the past but thanks to these cost per head services and their turnkey bookmaking services, sports bookies can actually become more profitable than ever before!

Anything that happens to do with online gaming and the placing of wagers happens on the secure servers of these offshore bookie shops in gaming friendly jurisdictions. Cost per head services also provide offshore bookies with all the necessary tools to give their players many more wagering options than ever before in the sportsbook, racebook & casino.

In addition most cost per head services will supply bookmakers with their very own customized bookie websites which allows their players to place wagers over the Internet 24/7365. Also most offshore bookie shops have wagering call centers that are open round the clock and staffed with English speaking personnel to give your bettors a smooth wagering experience!


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