Changing Pay Pper Head ProviderLet’s face it, there are a lot of pay per head services out there these days and not all of them are trying to offer their clients the very best service they can. While most of them know how to make themselves sound good when they’re trying to get you to sign on the dotted line, few of them actually hold up their end of the bargain. Many bookmakers have ended up disappointed by empty words and broken promises. If you’re merely settling for the service you’re currently receiving from your PPH office it might be time to think about switching services. We’ve provided you with some of the big clues that it’s time to part ways.

  • Uptime is a big factor in deciding whether you should switch, after all if your players can’t place wagers, you can’t make any money. All pay per head services will schedule downtime at appropriate times to conduct regular maintenance, however, if unscheduled service interruptions are happening to you, especially during peak times, then it’s a warning sign that you should move. You’re running a business and downtime costs you money, it shouldn’t be tolerated.
  • Bad service is a big no-no, there’s no excuse for it. With the number of quality PPH services available you don’t have to put up with a take it or leave it attitude. Price per head outsourced wagering companies have exploded in numbers over the past few years which has created a lot of competition for your business. If you are not being treated as a valued client, regardless of your player package size, then you should move.
  • Proper line management is the single most important aspect of running a profitable sportsbook. Line management is not gambling, a sharp number will encourage speculation from the betting public so that the bookmaker consistently makes money on the juice. If your current service is slow to move or simply throwing up cookie cutter lines without concern where the action is coming from then you’re in trouble. If sloppy and indifferent line management is costing you money then it’s time to look elsewhere.

So now that you’ve decided to move you need to decide when. Obviously you want to choose a time that will cause the least disruption to your player activity. You should take your time to scout out a new service and get a test account login from them so you can familiarize yourself with their system. The best time to move is either right after the Super bowl or the months following the NCAA basketball tournament. We recommend that you move your most loyal players a few weeks ahead of your main player group. They will give you honest feedback on the new service and won’t blow out on you if something goes wrong. Good luck and don’t settle for second best.


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