Use Pay Per Head to Handle AccountingWhen deciding on which price per head service company to do business with, there are several important factors that you will want to take a very close look at before moving forward.  Remember that what the PPH Service provides to your players as an access to online wagering represents you, the local bookmaker. Your players will judge you by the quality they see in front of them…so, give them the best available.

Bettors these days are seeking quick, accurate, easy to use wagering options compatible with today’s modern mobile devices. Like it or not, wagering on sports has gone worldwide thanks to the advent of the Internet.  Today’s service provider is able to allow your players to access a wide variety of wagering options available round the clock.

So, it is in the hands of the bookie to set the standard by which your players will know you and your business. Be very sure to select the highest quality, most dependable service on the market today that will keep you bettors coming back for more.

For you, the local bookie, which service you choose is critical as they will also be setting the lines that your players use for wagering.  If those lines are not kept just as sharp as possible at all times, you are losing money each time they are even just a little bit off.  An experienced lines management department is one of the principal features to shop for when selecting a new price per head company.

Obviously, the point of contact is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when considering a new PPH Service.  Do the clerks speak clear, understandable English?  Are they knowledgeable and experienced in their jobs?  A service found lacking in this department can actually cause you to lose players if communication is not clear and easy.

Take a good close look at the software the service uses. Is it user friendly and easy to access?  Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) has been the standard of the wagering industry for some years now and with good reason.  DGS is user friendly, easy to use and above all dependable.  Look for it.

The best way to find out about a service is simply to get them on the phone and ask your questions. A service worthy of your business will have folks on staff that are experienced and well versed in helping you, the local bookmaker, and your players to enjoy the wagering experience thanks to quality price per head services.


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