PPH Write, You Collect, Pay and RecruitPay per head services are a godsend for bookies, mainly because they offer many tools, perks, and features that make a bookie’s life a breeze. Risk management tools are an excellent example of this. There are many easy-to-use tools available through the best services, tools that make it simple to keep tabs on your players and to keep your business profitable. Take the big bet alert, for example. When you use this tool, you are instantly clued in when a player places a bet over a certain amount in real time. You get to decide what that amount is! There are many other tools as well, not to mention player reports that give you the ins and outs of your players’ actions.

Many pay per head services are stepping into modern times and offering mobile betting options as well. This is a great option for you to give to your clients. They are able to place their bets from anywhere and everywhere, as long as they have their mobile device by their side. This means that your players are likely to bet much more often, which in turn, means more earnings for you.

You can even find pay per head services that offer casinos, giving your players something to do when they’ve had their fill of sports betting or when their favorite sport season has ended. Casinos are great, because they feature something to appeal to everyone, which can help you to attract brand new players and to get your current clients interested in and betting on something else.

The right pay per head service will free you up from the day-to-day grind of micromanaging. When you’re not having to deal with the small, time consuming stuff, you’re free to focus on more important things, like keeping your players’ payments up to date, growing your client base, and of course, increasing your profits. If your service isn’t making your life easier or if you don’t yet have one, there is no better time to get out there and find one. You’ll be glad you did!


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