Per Head PricingBookmakers across the country, both rookies and pros, are discovering what amounts to a quantum leap in the age old business of being a bookie. What they are finding is that there are actually companies called price per head service companies which have been developed solely to meet the needs of today’s bookmakers and their players.

PPH Services came about to meet the needs of the neighborhood bookie and to keep him up to date and competitive with the off shore sportsbooks that were bleeding off so many of their good players. In reality, the bettors preferred to play with their local guy but just could not turn their backs on all of the modern innovations offered by the offshore books.

Wagering via the Internet quickly captured the imagination of bettors everywhere and suddenly the local bookie was beginning to look like somewhat of an anachronism. The times were changing rapidly and the local bookie was in danger of extinction until the price per head services came along to fill the gap.

What the PPH Service offers to the local bookmaker is a full on presentation of worldwide sports action around the clock and available over the Internet. The service also includes complete mobile access for both the bookie and his bettors.

The clients love the 24/7 access offered by the mobile, not to mention the convenience and the Bookies life is changed forever when he works with a good PPH Service because all of his bookkeeping is now taken care of by the service which eliminates the need for that incriminating ‘little black book’.

Imagine having your own lines department staffed with experienced professionals working to keep the lines that you and your players see just as sharp as possible around the clock. That is just one of the advantages the local bookmaker gains by working with a first class price per head company and, if you have been taking action for some time now, you know well and good that keeping your lines sharp will put money in your pocket at the end of the week.

But the best thing about working with a quality price per head company is that they can actually help you to increase your weekly hold percentage, your own bottom line. By staying very pro-active with their agents, the client services reps of a good PPH Service will be working hard to make sure that the bookie has every advantage possible while avoiding the numerous pitfalls involved.


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