Booking BaseballNot all bookies choose to be involved in baseball betting mostly due to lack of player activity. Those that are need to make sure that they’re keeping an extra close watch on those players who are betting on the sport. As you likely already know if you’ve been in the bookie biz for awhile, baseball isn’t the most popular sport for betting. Therefore, a lot of those who do it are doing it for one reason and one reason only—to make money. These wise guys usually know that the powers that be don’t devote a lot of time and attention to baseball, so they’ll rack up the winnings quick, which can leave you broke if you’re not careful.

When it comes to baseball betting, bookies need to be on the lookout for players who only bet on dog money lines or who insist on getting a dime line on every single game. These are usually the players who know exactly what they’re doing, who have a clear strategy already in mind and who will end up costing you big.

This might even mean cutting some people out of your player lineup. What you lose in volume, however, you can easily make up by working extra hard to recruit new players and to encourage them to get into betting on baseball. You can also work on the players you’ve had for awhile, especially if you have a good relationship with them, to try and coerce them into getting in on the action. Make betting on baseball sound fun and exciting, and play up its benefits without sounding like you’re just trying to get them to lose a bunch of money to you.

A few helpful tips that all bookies need to keep in mind as you go about your business is to never let players bully you into taking excessive wager amounts that you’re not comfortable with. Don’t worry too much about players who bet totals, props, or runline bets, if they’re betting a lot they will lose in the end. If you run into any problems or have specific questions don’t be afraid to consult your cost per head service. If they are a good, legitimate service, then you should have no problem getting great risk management tips and, if necessary, making adjustments to your agent profile. Always remember that your cost per head service works for you, and if it can’t provide you with the help you need, it might be time to look elsewhere for a service that will.


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