Cost Per Head PricingWhen choosing a cost per head service, you need to put some serious thought into the selection process. Most people, unfortunately, don’t really do this. They just find a bunch of different cost per head services, compare the prices, and then choose the cheapest one. This can be a huge mistake, however, as not all cost per head agencies are alike; some are much better than others. In most cases, a higher priced service will offer you more and actually be a better choice in the long run than its cheaper counterpart. As you make this all important decision, ask yourself some hard questions.

What do you want to offer your clients?

We hope that you would answer this question with nothing less than “the very best.” When you choose a cheap, ineffective PPH service, you are cheating both your clients and yourself. Go with a service that will provide lots of gaming opportunities for your clients and thus, increased revenue sources for you.

What is going to make you more money?

What good is it to save a couple of bucks in PPH fees if it costs you your business? A good PPH service is one that will make you more money by keeping sharp lines and having a full service risk management team to minimize losses and maximize earnings.

What do you really know about a new service?

A lot of the newer PPH services are also the less expensive ones (read desperate for clients). However, it is hard to find out much about a company that hasn’t been in business very long, so you are taking a serious risk when you choose one. Instead, aim for a service with a long and reputable history, even if it means spending a little more money.

When you get down to it, what is most important?

Sometimes it can be hard to see past all the bells and whistles and “limited time offers” of PPH services. You need to force yourself to ignore these hokey marketing gimmicks, however, because in the end they are not what matters. What matters is a company’s infrastructure. You need to be looking for a service with strong security, a lot of database storage, efficient and accurate player reporting, and true redundancy.



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