Build it and They Will Come

On May 18, 2012, in Bookie Advice, by admin

Build It And They Will ComeYou can always tell how big of a baseball fan someone truly is by how much he or she loves the Field of Dreams movie, starring Kevin Costner. Personally, I watch it at least once a year! The time of year at which I watch it is always the same—one of my favorite times of all—the start of baseball season! This movie always puts me in the mood to get involved with baseball bets and to watch all of my favorite teams duke it out game after game. Usually, I follow up the Field of Dreams movie with some of my other beloved baseball movies, but nothing could ever replace Field of Dreams, which is a true classic in my book!

I think the best thing of all about the Field of Dreams movie is that it truly captures the vast greatness of baseball, in a different and more real way than most other baseball movies. It also showcases how challenging it was and is to take baseball bets, mainly due to the fact that there are just so many games played each year! With every baseball team playing a whopping 162 games a year (more than in any other sport!), there are games every single day. Plus, pitching changes, injuries, and other surprises are frequently thrown into the mix as well.

One thing that all bookies should keep in mind, however, as they deal with the challenge of helping their clients with betting on baseball, is that the famous line from Field of Dreams—“If you build it, they will come,”—applies in this situation as well! By creating your own customized personal website, you can attract clients like you wouldn’t believe! As long as it’s up to par, they’ll be drawn in by your site and will be eager to start placing their bets right away. The key to remember on your part is to work with a good pay per head service that is willing to do all the hard stuff, especially the design work, for you. The vast majority of these services will do it for free, so make sure you say a big “no way” to any service that tries to charge you for design or for maintenance fees. Usually, those that do charge will do so in ridiculous amounts, so you truly are much better off without such a service!


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