Changing Pay Pper Head ProviderEach year within days of the annual Superbowl game unsatisfied offshore bookies will start their yearly search to find the perfect offshore pay per head service. The common problem that most offshore bookies seem to run into is that when they are shopping for a new pph service they only look at the cost of the pay per head service without really taking the quality of the bookie service into consideration. This is a very short sighted approach and is all too common and most offshore bookies that make this mistake are likely to end up repeating it!

The pay per head business is just like any other business where more often than not low prices equal bad service. If you’re an offshore bookie that is considering switching to one of these cut rate pay per head shops just to save a few bucks do yourself a favor and take a blind pass, doing so could save both your sanity as well as your livelihood.

Tips of how to find a top tier pay per head service; look for a bookie service that offers;

  • True Redundancy; Bookies should never gamble on uptime, it is paramount that you choose a pay per head service that offers you a completely redundant backbone for telephones, Internet & power.
  • Advanced Gaming Software; Bookies need to choose a pay per head service that offers cutting edge bookmaking software that is both reliable & player friendly.
  • Real-time Agent Reporting; In order for bookies to keep their finger on the pulse of their bookmaking business they must choose a bookie service that offers real time customizable player and agent reporting.
  • English Speaking Professionals; For offshore bookies it is an absolute must to find a pph service that offers you an all English speaking support staff.
  • Superior Line Service; In order to maximize profits bookies depend on experienced line movers & line makers to assure that their players always receive the sharpest betting lines.
  • The Ability To Move Your Own Lines; Successful bookies need that ability to occasionally move their own betting lines especially of a hometown favorite where they will indeed receive on sided betting action.
  • 24/7 Sports Call Center; A round the clock wagering and customer/agent support center is an absolute must in order to be competitive.
  • Your Very Own Customized Bookie Website; Bookie can quickly take their local bookmaking operation to the next level by having their very own bookie website.

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