Betting On A Part Time Bookie Business

On December 19, 2012, in Bookie Advice, by admin

Cost Per Head Bookie ServicesI have always been the guy that knew the scores to the big games. If there is a debate about a sporting event, my buddies always call me for the latest information.  We all live in a small community and there is not really anyone around that you could call a professional bookmaker. So when guys kept asking me where they could get a bet down on the big game, I started checking into the possibility of taking the action myself.  Nothing big time, you understand…just a few friendly wagers among friends.  So I let the word go out to my limited circle that I would be taking wagers on the NFL and NCAA weekend action.  Shortly after that my phone started ringing and a couple of days later I bought a beeper.  Try as I might, I just could not keep up with all of the calls coming in and my players were starting to get a bit frustrated with me to say the least.  It was also taking me entirely too much time to do the necessary book keeping to stay on top of my payouts and collections.

I have a business to run and cannot devote a lot of time to being a bookie but, I love the action.  I did not want to give it up but I had to find another solution to all of the day to day details of being a modern day bookie.  So I went on line and did a Google Search where I learned about a service called Price Per Head which works only with professional bookmakers.  I got one of their representatives on chat and he explained how the service provided full on SportsBook, RaceBook and Casino action to my players 24/7. The service handled all of the phone calls in their call center and my players could even place their wagers over the internet or via their SmartPhones.

My new buddies at the Pay Per Head service built me a great web site that featured some familiar faces of local athletes so that my players felt right at home when they logged on to wager. They love the new service and I get all of my book keeping reported in real time over the Internet, so, for me it is really a no brainer to keep on working with the Price Per Head Service all year long.

Is this scenario familiar to you? Go ahead and check a couple pay per head reviews I wrote then.


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