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Some of the brightest minds in the software industry today are working on wagering software.  The modern bookmaker working today bears little resemblance to the guy hanging on the pay phone on the back wall of a sports bar with a roll of quarters in one hand and his little black book in the other.

 How things have changed for the local bookie these days.  Thanks to the advent of modern wagering software using cutting edge technology, today’s local guy is now able to offer to his clients any wagering option being offered by the major sports books including worldwide sports book action as well as attractive…and profitable casinos and race book action…available on their mobile devices around the clock.

 Never mind that a first class PPH service like HOST costs a little bit more than the cheap shops.  You will end up increasing your hold percentage at the end of the month anyway, plus have much fewer hassles to deal with.  Beware of some slick sales person offering you super service at an incredibly low price.  As Mom used to say, ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’.

In fact, the quickest way to kill a good bookie business these days is to offer your clients a second-rate service to wager with.  Remember that the price per head service that you contract to host your players is actually representing you.  Of course you want the best presentation available when your business is at stake.

 The industry leader in modern bookie software is DGS, which stands for Digital Gaming Solutions.  They have been located down in Costa Rica since the very early days of international internet wagering back in the mid-nineties.  DGS is straight-forward, user friendly and it has been in popular use for so long now that most of your players are probably already familiar with the software.

 The bookie friendly first class software offered by  host allows their agents the ability to control the limits and max payouts on all wagers.  Those limits can also be individually customized for each client, as the agent sees fit.

 Today’s successful bookmaker wants to allow maximum sports book betting opportunities for this clients to wager on….and put their funds at risk.  In doing so there is an obvious increase in overall volume….which should lead to an increased hold percentage at the end of the month.  Modern wagering software offers him just that.


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