MMA Cormier vsJohnson 2Anthony ‘Rumble’ Jonson and Daniel Cormier will clash tomorrow at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, as the main event for UFC 210.

It’s been almost two years since the first battle between Cormier and Johnson, both clashed on May 2015 at UFC 187 for the light heavyweight championship. Cormier pulled the upset and took the title, surprising everyone since he was included at the last minute as a substitute to Jon Jones.

A few months earlier ‘DC’ had lost to the champion Jones and the UFC named Johnson as the official candidate. It all changed a few weeks before Jones vs. Johnson when the champion was involved in a car accident in which he was accused of fleeing the scene and was suspended indefinitely by the UFC. The title was vacant, and Dana White‘s company called Cormier to fill the gap.

Johnson arrived at the fight with a three-year unbeaten streak and proving that he was a very fearsome puncher. His brutal KOs served as a presentation as no one seemed able to resist them. For his part, Cormier had the opportunity to redeem himself after his first MMA career loss to Jones on January 2015.

‘Rumble’ surprised Cormier with his quickness of hands and connected a good right-handed punch that left him dizzy. Johnson went for the KO and connected several more punches as DC was just trying to hold on and protect from the flurry of punches.

The KO never came, Cormier covered well and endured the attack until he saw Johnson getting tired; that was when he took the fight to the floor, where he managed to use Johnson’s fatigue and his poor wrestling technique against him, to obtain a victory via submission.

DC was the first fighter to resist Johnson’s brutal flurry of punches and because of that he won the combat.

With that in mind, Jonhson’s strategy for this fight will consist in finding a way to connect those punches, but to avoid going crazy and getting tired like in the first fight, because Cormier’s stamina is above average.

In addition, the Georgia native has also worked a lot on improving his wrestling technique in case the fight moves to the ground once again, where here was clearly inferior the last time they met.

The champion, on the other hand, will look to do just that and get the fight to the ground as soon as possible and avoid taking as many punches as in UFC 187.


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