Top 10 Bankrupt NFL Players

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Bankruptcy10.  Tiki Barber     Career Earnings: $35,000,000
When Barber left his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old intern he was fired by NBC for violating a morality clause in his contract. Barber left football to pursue a lucrative broadcasting career.  How’d that work out?

9.  JaMarcus Russell     Career Earnings: $40,000,000
Sipping on “Grape Drank” (Grape soda and codeine cough syrup) is just one of Russell’s problems. He’s is Ryan Leaf’s main competition for the biggest overall number one pick bust in NFL history.

8.  Dermontti Dawson     Career Earnings: $25,000,000
Demontti Dawson could be the worst investor ever or the greatest snake oil salesman ever.  When the seven-time Pro Bowler filed for bankruptcy in 2010, he reported $1M in resources and $70M in debts!

7.  Mark Brunell     Career Earnings: $50,000,000
Known to be a good improviser, this left-handed quarterback’s most impressive trait might be his ability to make money go up in smoke. Brunell invested heavily in Michigan real estate and a fast food chain called “Whataburger.” Brunell lost millions and is facing $25M in lawsuits.

6.   Lawrence Taylor     Career Earnings: $50,000,000
Coke is a wonderful drug as stated by Dave Chappelle in his famous Rick James skit, but LT lost a fortune by sniffing, lavish spending, and hard partying.

5. Chris McAlister     Career Earnings: $50,000,000
It was revealed during a hearing that he tried to have his child support payments lowered. The former Ravens cornerback declared he was so broke that he was living with his parents.

4. Warren Sapp     Career Earnings: $60,000,000
Sapp has racked up $7M worth of debt and fell victim to the popular downfall for athletes: four baby mamas. He says he lost his Super Bowl ring and National Championship ring.

3. Deuce McAllister     Career Earnings: $70,000,000
It took McAllister a year to go broke. The former Saints running back was instantly crippled financially by a failed car dealership. He was $7M in debt.

2. Terrell Owens     Career Earnings: $80,000,000

The toxic receiver spent most of the last decade assassinating QB’s characters and tearing teams to pieces, qualities teams tend to overlook when you’re notching 15 touchdowns a season.

1. Michael Vick     Career Earnings: $130,000,000
Vick lost an estimated $130M in earnings while spending two years in prison, but even without the legal and personal recoil from bank rolling a dog fighting business, the Eagles quarterback was a financial wreck. He spent millions by supporting an entourage of over 30 people. During his bankruptcy hearing, it was uncovered that Vick had spent almost $18M in twenty three months.


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