The High Cost Of Hockey

On June 11, 2014, in Sporting News, by admin

Hockey PlayersIf you are thinking about going to the Hockey Finals this year you might want to think about watching it on the big screen. If you are planning on inviting a friend, or a date, think twice. The price of Hockey is going up and up.

Although the NHL is not nearly as popular in the United States as the NFL or the NBA, the sport of Ice Hockey is indeed gaining ground with US sports fans as the competition for the Stanley Cup seems to get hotter year after year.

If you are not accustomed with the sport of Ice Hockey it can seem like total chaos at first glance and for the most part, it is. At least I still have not been able to discern much order out there on the ice, and keeping up with that little puck is all but impossible. 

The first thing that grabs your attention is the seemingly unconcerned attitude of the referees when one player slams another one against that plexi-glass wall or whacks another one with that big stick they all carry. Surely this is the most violent popular team sport going. If I were a ref, I’d want one of those sticks of my own.

That being said, the NHL has millions of fanatical fans who seem to be able to follow every move on the ice.  And the action hardly ever stops and then not for very long. Those guys on the skates must be in really good shape!

But if you want to see the finals live this year you may have to mortgage your house if you plan to bring anyone with you. Tickets this year have gone through the roof. But, for some reason, tickets for the NHL Finals this year are outselling those for the NBA Finals, although the television ratings will show just the opposite. 

Of course the NHL Finals are being played in the two biggest markets in America, New York and Los Angeles. The NHL Finals have a much larger population base to draw from. That plus an incredibly high demand for tickets and ticket prices are getting steeper every day.

Average ticket prices online this year is over $1900 and rising. That’s almost a 30% increase over last year’s tickets. New York being New York, tickets are even more expensive at Madison Square Garden with the average seat going for a whopping $2,354.

So if you want to take a date to the finals match, it will cost you five dimes, just for the tickets. She had better be a real Hockey fan!


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