SEC Set For Eighth Straight BCS Title

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SEC LogoAs if it were not already strong enough to take the 2013 national title for the 8th time running just by standing pat, the SEC has once again garnered the cream of the crop of the available freshman prospects to add to their already beefed-up rosters.

The SEC’s reign over the BCS Championship Game is predicted to end at the beginning of each season but, so far, no other conference has even come close.

And guess what folks, 2013 is not going to be any easier for those seeking to depose the boys from down south.

Check out the results of National Signing Day which just occurred last week.  Ohio State and Urban Meyer got some good guys but the meat of the matter headed south to play for Ole Miss, Alabama and LSU.  Further resistance seems futile.

All seven of the championships were won by just four SEC teams. Alabama has 3 & Florida has two.  LSU and Auburn have one apiece.  Each of these winning programs has suffered some really bad seasons during the seven year period of SEC dominance.  Auburn, who won the title in 2010, recently fired the man who led them to that championship, Coach Gene Chizik, after a particularly bad season for the Tigers.

The remaining 10 teams in the SEC are still riding on the coat tails of the big four but the reputation of the SEC has led to some significant recruiting victories and schools like Ole Miss are set to take their place among the big boys in the near future.

By winning the BCS Championship game against Notre Dame last year, the University of Alabama became the only team in the 15 year history of the BCS Bowl Series to claim back-to-back titles.

The only team to defeat the Crimson Tide was SEC newcomer Texas A&M featuring Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel at Quarterback.  Early pre-season predictions are split between placing the Tide or the Aggies in the number one position. Johnny Football and his Aggies will be put to the test early on as the Crimson tide rolls into College Station on September 14th looking for revenge for last years’ defeat.

The Big Ten remains the most profitable league on a per-school basis, but the bowl record between Big Ten and SEC schools clearly shows who is on top in the winning department.


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