MNF: Jets over Colts Part 2

On September 22, 2015, in Sporting News, by admin

NFLContinuing the discussion from the Jets victory over the Colts. Here are some interesting points as the the week 2 of the regular season comes to an end.

The Jets’ defense, a powerful force

Jets have talent from their defensive line to their secondary and have taken advantage of this. Bowles is a risky coach, who likes to takes risk for domination, and will utilize the roster’s talent, exploiting each of the abilities of his players. For example, you know that having two such dominant cornerbacks when they play man to man can send more players to chase the quarterback. Also, you know that his strategies can trick rival quarterbacks, using lots of movement, and good tactical ideas to achieve the deception.

Fitzpatrick is the perfect quarterback for Gailey

Ryan managed to have a successful season when he was under the tutelage of Gailey on the Bills. Fitzpatrick is a very smart quarterback, Gailey strategy is a complicated one and many players complain that he uses too many choices, changes, complicated routes or unusual patterns of blocks, on this note he has simplified to better adapt to his team using short routes, more typical patterns, hook routes and slants or routes to the post, which has given this offense effectiveness.

Knowing that Marshal and Decker will be used successfully and that any pass near their area will be caught by them. In this match we saw, when looking at the two receivers and again, little by little they were open spaces and even when the first reception was for 2 or 3 yards, the next was for 10 or more until they opened longer ones. The Jets’ offense was drilling slowly to tire the opposing defense to finally close the game easily.

Andre Johnson is slow

Johnson is already in the twilight of his career, but we all thought we still had the physical tools and enough to generate good numbers with Andrew Luck’s passes. Until now, he has been very slow on the field and can not achieve separation from the corners and not even been able to generate receptions using raw physical strength, at his age it is difficult to think that he can generate a season of 1000 yards or more, and even more difficult with all the new weapons that are around him taking away his receptions.


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