MNF: Jets Over Colts Part 1

On September 22, 2015, in Sporting News, by admin

NFLOne more surprise for the season was given in the Monday Night Football, we leave the most important points about the triumph of the Jets vs Colts.

Lack of production = lack of talent

We all know that Andrew Luck is a great quarterback, and will probably go far in this league, but the Colts have not been able to put together an interesting team that can compete. The Colts general manager Ryan Grigson, has done a poor job finding talent. This is reflected in the field, and Indianapolis failed to generate production thanks in part to this failure. The receivers have problems getting open, the offensive line does not protect Luck as it should, the defense has not been able to stop anyone and could not run the ball comfortably. Teams like the Jets are a bad matchup for them because they can achieve control over the game clock thanks to a strong physical game.

0-2, two consecutive years

We can criticize the Colts all we want, and probably most of these reviews are correct and accurate. That said, we know that there is something crucial for an NFL team to succeed, the most important single fact makes an NFL team can return from worst to best in a short time, is having a quarterback like Andrew Luck in your ranks. Andrew Luck and a little more effort and focus from his peers can change the course of this team, and we have proof of that last year, because they started with the same record and still reached the conference finals. We’ll see how they slowly come together as a team and manage to dominate this division easily.

Chuck Pagano, in the hot seat

The tactical strategies and game plans from Chuck Pagano have been at best, mediocre. he has failed to exploit the weaknesses of opposing teams and efficiently attack the opponent and a great example of this is the loss of MNF against the Jets. First of all, we know that Pagano is a defensive coach, and we know that Fitzpatrick takes many risky decisions, so more blitzing most likely would have unbalanced the quarterback achieving success. Nor has he been able to use Dorsett efficiently, who might serve for now as a versatile player who comes out of the backfield, taking short screens for longer gains, dragging routes or running through the entire field to unbalance the defense, or many other things. the coaches have lacked creativity and it shows.


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