Michelin Gives Rossi A New Edge

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Valentino RossiIt has been more than ten years. But Valentino Rossi knew perfectly when was the last time he started from pole in Jerez: “It was in 2005. And the next day was a great race,” he said, with complete confidence. A great race was won as many more wins would come for Rossi that year in which he was the world champion with Yamaha.

It happened, too, that day after hitting Sete Gibernau to overcame him in the final corner and sending him to the gravel. Although this was not even thought of on Saturday because what was asked was why and how he has improved in both qualifying sessions this season, a task that was pending for him, especially since this new 15 minute modality, very demanding for some.

“Before you went out and you could understand the conditions of the track and the tires had time, and in the final minutes You put new tires and go about doing a good lap. Now you have to understand the key, without getting nervous or too calm, as quickly as possible and pull from the first minute a good lap, “ the Italian said. He never hid the fact that this classification system would divide into two groups, which leaves for the called QP2 the twelve fastest pilots he did not like.

Who knows now that he is starting to catch up. One must go back to 2009 to find a year that would link three Sundays of him departing from the front row. He has again achieved thanks to the latter run and a good Saturday harvested in Argentina and Austin.

“Among the Bridgestone and Michelin difference is that the latter can make the time also in the second and in the third round” , there is no need for that first great lap, as was the case until now. And to Valentino that was the hardest part, That’s the reason jorge and Marc did so well where he could not. “There is a need for one, two, three turns, each faster than the last, ” explains Matteo Flamigni technician for Rossi’s telemetry equipment. This is exactly what happened on Saturday in Jerez.

The Bridgestone performance, unique tire supplier from 2009 until last year, was very different from Michelin. In qualifying last year it looked clearly: it was practically impossible to improve the lap time on the second turn, so Marquez tried (for the first time in Jerez a year ago) A two-stop strategy with three tires on some circuits, to be able to maximize the 15 minute session.

The pilot confirmed the change himself: “Each one has its own characteristics: Lorenzo, for example, has the ability to be very fast from the start; I, however, am improving slowly. I do not know why I’m faster with Michelin to Bridgestone, but reached the classification more relaxed and I get all better. “ The reason is simple.

Yamaha’s work with Michelin has further facilitated things ahead for qualifying: “The bike is very well balanced, so this year is well adapted from one circuit to another. The bike already doing well on Friday and then the work is to perfect details to get the best rating “.

However, a difference for Rossi, who last year started only five times in the first row and fought for the title until the end, have improved on Saturdays? Mentally very little as he expressed. “The pole gives you an advantage in meters, little more”.

Even though he feels stronger than last year. To make the pole here at Jerez before them is important. “It made me feel good. But the important thing is tomorrow, “ he says. For Rossi, the classification is one thing and the race, another completely.

The bike should be well and the important thing is to do well in the grid for the race because everything helps. Jorge Marquez always starts fast and going from a third or fourth row sentence you before the start. And this year the level is even higher than the last. ” His goal, he admits, is not allowing Lorenzo escaping at the output”.


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