Floyd Mayweather JrInfamous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was recently released from his Las Vegas jail cell. The release happened much sooner than expected—Mayweather served only two months of his three month sentence. The sentence was, of course, for domestic violence, something that Mayweather is no stranger to. The boxer did not make a statement upon his release, and he really didn’t have to. His past speaks strongly enough! Though his father has spoken to the press saying he believes change will happen for Mayweather, one look at his history is enough to make anyone think otherwise.

His first run-in with the law for domestic violence happened ten years ago, and Mayweather has obviously not learned his lesson in that time. Back in 2002, the boxer was arrested for domestic violence and battery, and was forced to serve a 6 month suspended sentence, meager house arrest time, and to perform 48 hours of community service. Only two short years later, he was once again convicted—this time on two counts of battery, each one against a different woman. His punishment included one year suspended jail time, and mandatory counseling or a $1000 fine.

It would only take one year for the vicious Mayweather to strike again! His 2005 arrest and subsequent conviction was for misdemeanor battery. This time, a woman wasn’t his victim, but a bouncer was. His sentence included 90 days in jail, and was later suspended. During the next five years, Mayweather was able to avoid any run-ins with the law and many thought he was finally a changed man. Unfortunately, though, that “good” stint ended in 2010 when Mayweather was accused of beating his former girlfriend. He was eventually arrested, posted bail, and then went on to be charged with his first felony—theft. Allegedly, he stole his girlfriend’s cell phone, a phone that likely contained damning evidence.  This would evolve into charges for coercion, robbery, domestic battery, and harassment. He was able to slip out without having felony convictions and, obviously, without completing his jail time.

While Mayweather might be happy about his release, many others, including his ex-girlfriend, are not. They argue that he will never learn or change if he always gets out of trouble so easily. Boxing legend or not, this is a man that many feel should be behind bars. If he does strike again, which is completely expected, he might not be able to get out of trouble quite so easily.



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