NFLAs the nationwide debate continues over the legalization, or de-criminalization of marijuana, there exist great inequities in today’s popular society. Folks walk down the street outside of the Denver Broncos stadium smoking pot and are not breaking the law, in Colorado.

It’s notable to point out that possession of marijuana is still against federal statues; however, no federal authorities have moved in to stop pot smokers in Colorado so far. What message does this send to the nation?

Perhaps Americans have just had enough with otherwise peaceful citizens paying dreadful prices for simply enjoying what Mother Nature has provided. Many people do seem to be seeing it that way these days. But what about professional sports?

Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals got kicked off of the LSU football team because his urine sample showed up positive for pot, again. No one wanted to kick the kid off the team, certainly not the other players and coaches. But the protocols were in place and the rules said that he had to go. Tragic, and for what?

Now we have one of the brightest young stars of the NFL playing for the Cleveland Browns in jeopardy of being suspended for an entire season for the same ‘crime’.  Josh Gordon tested for positive for marijuana, again. He knew the rules from previous bouts with the NFL so now he is in trouble and so are the Browns.

It is unlikely that any professional athletes are smoking pot on the job. That would be a little hard to hide. And anyone who describes marijuana as a performance enhancing drug has not tried it yet. So the pot is being consumed at home, behind closed doors, where American citizens are supposed to be able to do whatever they want to, so long as no one is harmed. What happened to that part?

But now NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has indicated that his office is actually considering cutting the players some slack on the pot issue, starting with tweaking the testing guidelines that the league uses so that so many guys won’t fail. That would mean a whole lot less problems for the league, as well as the players.

Goodell also indicated that the current harsh punishments given out for positive marijuana tests should become a bit more lenient. Some are even asking why it is necessary for the NFL to test for pot at all. Let’s hope that at least a sensible balance is reached where the punishment is more fitting the ‘crime’. 


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