NFLThis year there were 254 players taken in the regular NFL Draft show on national television. An additional several hundred undrafted free agents signed contracts with pro teams mostly within a few hours after the termination of the draft ceremony.

So now these guys have made it into the big leagues. They have just signed contracts for more money than they had ever dreamed of just a few years ago and now enter a world where they will have to prove themselves on a daily basis to stay in good standing with their coaches and fellow team mates.

Here are a few little tips that will go a long ways toward securing a long term position in the National Football League. They are not so different than the rules for working in any other profession…but they are especially important in the NFL.

Above all, a rookie in the NFL has to be ready when his name is called…..and he never really knows when that might be. Opportunity knocks in pro football from time to time under the oddest of circumstances. Suddenly the veteran goes down and you’re on….go for it….don’t blow it. Prove your worth to your team under fire and watch yourself move up in the lineup.

Professional Football is a business.  The first day on the job in any new business should start a learning process that doesn’t stop until the new employee is thoroughly familiar with all company policies and practices.  In the NFL that means the play book.  A new rookie must learn the team’s playbook…backwards, forwards and upside down. This is also the quickest and easiest way to impress the coaching staff with his sincerity.

Practice makes perfect.  That is the saying and it holds true if players learn from the practice and make the proper adjustments to their game to not keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  That is the quickest way to incur the wrath of your coaches and team mates.

And finally, don’ take yourself too seriously. Always remember that professional athletes are often in the spotlight and your reactions will be observed…..good or bad.  So, try to keep a sense of humor about what is going on around you.  Don’t be frivolous about it….but, try to see the humorous side of the situation.  Go through adversity with a grin on your face and the people around you will always be glad to see you.


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